“Jeanne Reaves is a strong leader who draws the best from individuals to create synergy, just as she did for our governing board.”

– Sarah Krevans, Chief Operating Officer, Sutter Health


Jeanne Reaves Consulting unleashes the power and knowledge of executives and senior leadership teams to reach their highest potential. From accelerating teamwork and enhancing leadership skills to effectively managing complex board-level dynamics and navigating challenging organizational transitions, we work with you to help determine your best path to success. Jeanne Reaves Consulting has the depth and breadth of experience to inject exactly the strategy, vision and insight our clients need most to achieve the excellence they seek.


Leadership Coaching


Tailored to each client’s individual needs, we equip organizations with practical solutions and tools to enhance performance and achieve profitable growth. Jeanne Reaves is a Certified Personality Consultant.

  • One-on-one and group coaching – employing technology and techniques that help clients understand their executive teams’ unique abilities, maximize their productivity and manage them more effectively. >>


Team Development


  • Helping leadership teams transfer their learning into results for the organization.
  • Independent efficiency studies to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities so that executive leaders can identify successes and/or areas for change.  >>


Board Governance


  • Insightful solutions to the challenging issues of board-level dynamics and design, including improving interpersonal communication, resolving conflicts and promoting effective governance through virtual communication and design.  >>


Organizational Consulting


  • Facilitate organizational effectiveness to plan and meet strategic initiatives.
  • Focused strategic planning sessions, results-driven action/business plans and ongoing evaluations to identify progress towards stated goals and strategic initiatives.
  • Guide change management amid mergers and acquisitions.  >>