Team Development

Jeanne Reaves Consulting works with businesses and boards of directors to expand and enhance personal and organizational communication skills through team development training. Team development training is designed to build upon collaborative and engaged partnerships internally and externally.


The ultimate goal of our team development training is for leadership teams to transfer their learning into results for the organization.

Jeanne Reaves Consulting utilizes independent efficiency studies to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities so that executive leaders can identify team successes and/or areas for change and development.

Functional teams make higher-quality decisions and accomplish more in less time, with less distraction and frustration. Productive teams avoid wasting time talking about the wrong issues and revisiting topics over and over again due to lack of buy-in or direction.

Jeanne Reaves Consulting will conduct team development sessions and determine the opportunities to achieve the vision of leadership. Follow-up assessments by Jeanne Reaves Consulting may be implemented to ensure desired team development results.

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