Board Governance

Jeanne Reaves Consulting provides insightful solutions for the challenging issues of board-level dynamics and design. Our board governance services can include improving interpersonal communication, resolving conflicts and promoting effective governance through best practice design, effective communication and strategic strategy.


The success of a board’s performance depends on which standards the board sets for itself. Boards of directors are typically comprised of successful, experienced directors who undertake their responsibilities diligently and are proud of the organization they serve. Yet, some boards are not fulfilling their potential.

Jeanne Reaves Consulting has worked with many boards and through this experience can identify a number of characteristics that distinguish exceptional boards from average boards.

Strategic planning is a responsibility of all board members and is performed around the mission, vision and core values of the organization. These are the core elements that will determine overall success of an organization’s board of directors.

The planning session provides an opportunity to develop ideas and plans for successfully achieving objectives. During this session, a representative from Jeanne Reaves Consulting and the board representatives will determine achievable strategic goals for the board.

Our initial, complimentary board governance consultation can be the first step your board of directors takes towards becoming exceptional. Contact us today!