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As written, many recent studies have shown “Technical Skills” only represent 20% contribution into our performance. The remaining 80% comes from “Personal and Communication Skills” (decision making, assertiveness, authenticity, commitment to grow, enthusiasm, judgment, energy level, resourcefulness, honesty, integrity, optimism, persistence, initiative, how to connect with people quickly and easily).

Coaching can assist in reviewing and reframing what happens in an individual’s business – and their life! Effective leadership in business requires collaboration, consensus, communicating for results, and shared leadership. For an executive to be successful which in turn provides the organization with strong operations and market presence, there are many skills a leader needs to master and communication skills is certainly the foundation.

To refine communication skills, it is important we understand ourselves and our own communication style before we attempt to understand other styles. As a certified Personalysis coach, we offer our clients a complete picture of their personality. The profile captures three productive and two negative dimensions. The result is a more accurate assessment. The profile provides greater detail, and gives a more thorough interpretation than many others.

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By Jeanne Reaves
At Jeanne Reaves Consulting, Jeanne specializes in coaching executives in a variety of industries. As a certified Personality Consultant, Jeanne employs technology and techniques to help her clients understand their executive teams’ unique abilities, maximize their productivity and manage them more effectively to enhance earnings.