5 Indicators That An Executive Coach Can Help

Did you know that many professionals employ coaches? While the term coaching is still mostly associated with athletes, there are numerous leaders and executives that use coaches for the same reason an athlete does: they want to become better at what they do.

Even still, many people tend to struggle with this question: Do I need an Executive Coach? Hands down, Executive Coaching is immensely valuable. Coaching helps those in leadership build a personal brand, sharpen their skill set and gain a competitive edge. For those reasons alone, Executive Coaching will always have a role in the workplace.

But, if you’re still wrestling with this question, here are five signs that point towards pursuing Executive Coaching.


#1: You Want To Grow As A Leader


Perhaps you’ve found yourself stagnant in your career. Or, you recognize that with some assistance you could elevate your leadership. Meeting with an Executive Coach will allow you to discuss your goals and the obstacles deterring you from those goals.


#2: You Need Someone To Confide In


The old saying: it can be lonely at the top, was said for a reason. Often, CEO’s and executive leaders don’t have someone they can confide in and bounce ideas off of. The benefit of an Executive Coach is that you have an objective third party to provide helpful insights and help you navigate challenges.


#3: You Want To Learn From Past Mistakes


We’re all human, and mistakes happen. What you learn from your mistakes and the actions you take says a lot about your leadership style. An Executive Coach can help you walk through this process and identify next steps.


#4: You Want To Become More Self-Aware


Becoming more self-aware is truly how a leader grows. And becoming self-aware independently, and without any outside assistance, is extremely challenging. If you’re truly committed to putting in the work, to improving, a coach has the resources and tools to help get you there.


#5: You Want To Develop Or Refine Your Career Goals


Are you looking to redefine your career path? Or set some new professional goals? Why not tap an Executive Coach with the right background, experience and tools to help you do just that? An Executive Coach will help you unlock your own leadership potential through greater self-awareness and self-discovery to improve your overall effectiveness as a leader.


The Benefits of Executive Coaching


When it comes to professional coaching, the benefits are truly endless. In fact, research shows that 60% of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures report their revenue to be above average.While profitability is always impressive, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Executive coaching also helps you gain a deeper understanding about yourself, it helps improve your performance, achieve higher levels of success and find clarity about your career and the path you’ve taken.

Have we peaked your interest about Executive Coaching? Do you have a follow-up question? Please contact us for a free consultation. We’d love to visit with you!

By Jeanne Reaves
At Jeanne Reaves Consulting, Jeanne specializes in coaching executives in a variety of industries. As a certified Personality Consultant, Jeanne employs technology and techniques to help her clients understand their executive teams’ unique abilities, maximize their productivity and manage them more effectively to enhance earnings.